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Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

This is one of the most horrific pictures I have seen in a while. I can only imagine how children will feel when they see it. This is not how our beautiful city should be portrayed to the 40,000 people that are coming this weekend to attend SEWE. I am embarrassed for all of us who are Low Country natives. One would think that with all the violence going on here and around the country, the City Paper would have promoted something positive and more family friendly to the huge numbers of visitors that will be here this weekend. This was far from appropriate let alone classy. This only reinforces the negative connotations of how some already view the South when it comes to culture and the ongoing backwoods mentality. We are above this type of degradation. As a society, there are times that I feel we are regressing. I understand the right to free speech, however do we really want to exploit this side of what most would see as offensive and primitive? If the shock factor is what your were aiming for, you succeeded. Again, I am ashamed for anybody to think that the residents of Charleston are this barbaric.

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Posted by Early Wilson Mitchum on February 13, 2015 at 11:57 AM

Re: “Palmetto State Armory is arming South Carolina with its own take on the AR-15

Shooting is pretty fun, but the rabid obsession and paranoia associated 2nd Amendment protections and gun ownership make it fairly unappealing and a litmus test for room-temperature IQs.

No one needs a fucking AR15 for anything. Ever.

Stop kidding yourself. I know you have a basement full of canned goods and a lazy eye, but stop drinking the Nugent Kool Aid.

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Posted by leemajors on February 13, 2015 at 11:33 AM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

This is not a matter of where food comes from, get real. We ALL know where food comes from. ANY animal depicted in this manner is deplorable, barbaric, and completely asinine- especially to represent SEWE (something I've aways had a huge respect for, until now). Stay classy CCP and way to go on making Charleston look like a bunch of assholes!

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Posted by free spirit on February 13, 2015 at 6:09 AM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

Ross Unikorngrrl, Your comment is meaningful & perfect, all of it. First thing I did was click 'like.' Why the heck it came up 'unlike,' I have no idea. Thank you for writing that.

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Posted by Marilyn Leybra on February 13, 2015 at 12:38 AM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

PS- I hope City Paper has the guts to stand behind whoever is ultimately responsible for this photo. While I dont consider this piece a super thought provoking or world changing story it is a valid story. Don't cave to the criticism.

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Posted by CharlestonChow on February 13, 2015 at 12:27 AM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

Really? All this outrage over a raccoon?
Raccoons are often roadkill or a danger to pets in the city. They can destroy a dog or cat or give it rabies. Their scat is also very dangerous.
In the city I kill raccoons for safety of pets and children.
In the country I watch raccoons play and really like them. I have even watched as they stole my shrimp from my bait cup while fishing. Couldn't get mad; I was in his territory.
If you are willing to eat raccoon there is nothing wrong with taking one in the city, country or on the road.
How about outrage over school funding, foreign policy that keeps us in war, or trade imbalance that is turning China into our biggest shareholder?

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Posted by CharlestonChow on February 13, 2015 at 12:18 AM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

The majority of the U. S. and other "First World" countries have done away with animal cruelty and disrespect, punishing these things by law in many cases. The human race deems all that is earthly as their own, when in reality we depend upon our wildlife to maintain an essential balance to sustain the earth and its processes that allow us to continue to eat and breathe. Comments made about there being "plenty of them", meaning all of the creatures that we protect and serve as rehabilitators are unfounded, as they are not as plentiful as one might think. The uneducated or simply ignorant human might think so since they see more and more of our precious wildlife in more public areas. This is caused by demolishing their habitats. They have nowhere else to go and nowhere else to find food. The fact that many so willingly disrespect this animal's right to rest in peace is utterly disgusting and extraordinarily disrespectful to those that give all that they have and more to try to rectify the wrong done to them by "other" humans. Letting nature take its course isn't the issue, as the things we rescue them from are rarely natural, but instead are machinery and other human inventions or demolitions.

We fight together, those of us that actually care for the environment and its truly sentient creatures, to try to educate people and move them away from joking about the death of wildlife, hunting them, torturing them (cruel traps) and viewing them as disposable.

Trust that when our wildlife is gone, we will be too.

Understand that the earth would thrive without humans, but will die without wildlife.

Grasp that they have the same types of minds as that of dogs and cats, only instinct drives them to behave differently in order to protect themselves, teach their young and continue their line.

Respect that many take these types of images to heart and are dreadfully hurt and haunted by them.

Remember that you also have your passions and we are not shoving vulgar images of those passions in your face.

Learn about these creatures before you make fun of their demise.

This image will be with many of us for a very long time in a terrible way. You can call us tree huggers and whatever else you please, but you will not tell us that this image is acceptable. We are empathetic, truly good people that give all that we can back to the community (and the community does include all of you). Those of you that have been so ugly, what do you for anyone other than yourself/family?

It is acceptable for us to expect that this image be removed and it is fair for us to receive an apology, especially considering the circumstances around which this entire "recipe" was published (as part of the SEWE promotion). We work hard enough and give enough to be able to ask this much respect.

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Posted by Ross Unikorngrrl on February 13, 2015 at 12:16 AM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

The picture is horrible and tasteless. Using that as the cover in conjunction with SEWE is disgraceful. I believe the City Paper owes not only SEWE an apology but the entire Low Country. Once again the people of the “poor old south” are being depicted as backwoods, coon eating rednecks. Seriously, would you post a picture of a lamb, calf, chick or other baby animal offered up as dinner. That is obviously not an adult raccoon. And yes some people do eat raccoons and opossum out of necessity. While I don’t completely agree with hunting, hunting to put food on the table is one thing, hunting for sport is quite another thing. People such as Moise who hunt for show is a whole different level of low. And his boyhood story of being a hungry college student was so touching. I wonder how many hunting laws he broke during that time and if that was his reasoning for becoming a “game warden”. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, retired business owner, I have raised two rescue labradors, currently have two rescue grand puppies, I recycle, I’m not a tree hugger but I care about our environment, I have volunteered at our local schools, I have been the treasurer for a non-profit club for over 20 years. I am a responsible, reasonable adult. I am also a wildlife rehabber and I currently have a non-releasable 9 month old female opossum who is blind. Last spring I had 29 baby opossums in my kitchen which I was tube feeding and can happily report they were all returned to the wild as nature intended. I was very offended by the picture and by the oh so touching story told by Moise. This picture and article has shamed Charleston. We are so much better than this!

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Posted by onesuperb on February 12, 2015 at 11:59 PM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

This is disgusting! What "oldtimers" had to eat is not relevant. This doesn't have to be eaten to survive now. You people are sick!

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Posted by Dawn Windley on February 12, 2015 at 11:32 PM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

Agree w/ you Rosemary, therefore I don't eat animals for that reasoning. However the issue of this uncalled for, flippantly gruesome picture in a public news media paper, was the focus of comments.

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Posted by Marilyn Leybra on February 12, 2015 at 10:14 PM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

This is not about who ate what years ago or now... it's distasteful! I think an apology is owed to all who love animals and especially the wildlife rehabilitators who work 24/7 saving our wildlife! And in my opinion, Ben Moise likes himself WAY too much!

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Posted by BGee on February 12, 2015 at 10:05 PM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

If you're bothered by this image, you're right. Any person with a normal empathy level will be. That's because you see the animal as an individual - not a something - a someone who just wanted to be free to live his/her life and did not deserve to suffer.

But those who commented that there's no difference between killing a raccoon - or a dog or cat - for 'food' and slaughtering farmed animals are also right. Chickens, turkeys, goats, pigs and cows are all individual beings who are funny, affectionate, intelligent and curious. They suffer in horrific ways as their bodies are ripped apart and made into 'products' wrapped in plastic and available at a grocery store near you.

All of the animals you eat are still babies when they are slaughtered. Eating them destroys human health, destroys the environment, and destroys our very souls. Watch Earthlings and Meet Your Meat free online and live your values.

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Posted by Rosemary V Thompson on February 12, 2015 at 9:44 PM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

Being from SC, I have to say I find this pretty offensive. People who hunt nowadays aren't starving backwoods folk. This, and other small game hunting, has evolved into a pure sport of kill for the hell of it.
The killing of our wildlife has become just another hobby for many.
What a shame.

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Posted by Suzanne Warda on February 12, 2015 at 8:48 PM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

Very tacky.

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Posted by Laura Kirkland on February 12, 2015 at 8:16 PM

Re: “Palmetto State Armory is arming South Carolina with its own take on the AR-15

Actually most guns that are used in violent crimes are handguns, not Person Protection Weapons (DHS named them that not me). Actually what they are normal weapons, made to make libtards go crazy, a multi round wood stock .308, you never take a second glance are because of how they look.

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Posted by Shawn Jones on February 12, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

"Have any of you actually really interacted with a raccoon?"

Yes I have, they're bad tempered, nasty little creatures that will destroy your cabin or attic if given a chance. If someone want's to trap, kill and eat them, go at it. They have more of a sporting chance than chickens, turkeys, cows and hogs.

I also find it most humorous that there's so much anger over the "display" of a obviously stuff varment, when these same people sitting on their leather sofas, wearing their leather shoes, jackets and belts, chowing down on their steaks, fried chicken or shimp (and grits) have never actually been to anything more than a supermarket or burger stand to see where meat or apparel comes from, or how the useful byproducts of these animals are processed and used. The phony, selective outrage is over the top and more than amusing.

Raccoons are not dogs, cats or horses, and while they may be mildly intelligent, a pig is much smarter. But damn, we love bacon....

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Posted by Charleston Weather Vane on February 12, 2015 at 2:23 PM

Re: “Palmetto State Armory is arming South Carolina with its own take on the AR-15

Symptoms of traumatic brain injury:

Confusion, lack of coordination, lack of concentration, blurred vision, mood swings, combative behavior. Still sound like someone who should be in charge of a shit-ton of weapons?

When we see this guy on the news in a few years, don't worry, I won't be snarky about it.

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Posted by Ron Liberte on February 12, 2015 at 1:51 PM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

This is nasty! When you have a raccoon as a pet then maybe you will understand.This is 2015 not 1815

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Posted by Leilani Ellis on February 12, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

OOOOOeeeee. Lookout Kinsey, the floodgates of H8 are open. All y'all bitching about the fact that Moise ate some nasty tree rats are judgemental assholes who have never been poor or hungry. Moise was broke ass. My grandaddy and his crew ate them because in the Depression era here in South Cack they were what is now referred to in the culinary world as "foragers." They ate anything that moved or that they could take out of the rivers and ocean to prevent their families from starving. I would not eat any deer, racoon, possom or squirrels as they all fall in the possible rabies category for me and I do think they are cute little guys. However, I have traveled enough throughout the world and right here in the US to know what the face of poverty looks like. You feel badly for the little raccoon you say? Well there are still plenty of hungry people, take a ride upstate in SC. Do you feel sorry for the little kids too or screw the kids...just the racoon is cute? Dig into your little american apparel pockets and send money to the organizations that try to feed the starving right here in SC so they will not have to hunt small game like coon and squirrels. Oh, and NEVER ever leave the safety of MERICA and venture across the ocean. In Madrid and other parts of Spain they dress piglets up in clothing and stick them in the Butcher Shop Window. Yep, little pink brides and grooms. Guess what? Same in France, same in Germany, same in Italy. etc etc etc. Do not venture to Paris where The Marché Aligre will freak you right out. So stay home....please.

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Posted by CIACulinaryKid on February 12, 2015 at 10:26 AM

Re: “The One-Pot wonder that is Raccoon Stew

do you not know raccoon is a rabies vector animal , you are not suposed to eat them ! also I do live in the south and I do support not killing human babies before they are born. that is not a full grown raccoon it is a juvie. i cant imagine a group of raccoons killing a 74 year old woman and if they did how many people are there in the world killed by dogs every year ? or other people ?? i venture to say way more than raccoons. Call me Ellie May or back woods but i love all wild animals and as a rehabber i am committed.

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Posted by Tammy Hand on February 12, 2015 at 9:13 AM
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