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Re: “The Agenda: Sweet 16 for USC; Graham dangles threat over Gorsuch filibuster; Sanford and Duncan hold out

My my, aren't you the little bigot?! So gays aren't ordinary or worthy of respect? And what does it matter if Graham is gay? For a liberal rag, this paper and it's readers sure do bring up Graham's sexuality a lot.

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Posted by Showmoor on March 28, 2017 at 12:55 PM

Re: “The Agenda: The Gamecocks did it; Conservatives get behind medical marijuana; More N. Chs. police settlements

Legalize recreational use. Far less dangerous than alcohol, which IS the deadliest drug known to mankind and IS the "gateway" drug to more dangerous chemical (man-made, not natural) based drugs and prescription drugs, all of which can lead to overdoses, including alcohol. Marijuana, by comparison, has no overdose threshold, leaves the user cognizant, if not a little over-elated, but in control of their faculties. TV really is not representative of it's true affects as they just want to satisfy a viewing audience. It is a vaso-diolater reducing blood pressure while lessening work for the heart. It is a happy substance and the only anger and violence that is a result of marijuana is the "so-called" drug war - the illegality of it. Marijuana was made illegal and into a schedule 1 drug back in the 60s so the "prudes" could control, through legal intimidation; the "liberal hippies" and the "brothers and sisters", and had nothing whatsoever to do with danger of its use. Instead the use was a danger to controlling the masses, which is how our political system works - all about power and control and not about what is BEST for our citizens.

Posted by tupper29406 on March 28, 2017 at 7:18 AM
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