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Comment Archives: Stories: News+Opinion: Haire of the Dog

Re: “Maurice Bessinger, BBQ baron and unrepentant racist, dies

I can't wait for all these old@ss Jim Crow-era, confederate flag flying, slavery defending,white-supremacist idiots to drop dead already. The world will be a whole lot better without them.

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Posted by bolobolo on April 18, 2017 at 8:46 PM

Re: “Let's buy our way to a greener, cleaner planet Earth

Case studies of state spending lots of money on programs with unproven benefits. I feel like a program to get all the old appliances fixed could have translated to huge cost savings for everyone. There has never been a shortage of excellent appliance repair services

Posted by John Martin on March 24, 2017 at 2:25 PM

Re: “Charleston: The No. 1 city in the world for white people

Typo *art galleries*

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Posted by Lynn Jean on January 5, 2017 at 6:39 AM

Re: “Charleston: The No. 1 city in the world for white people

Charleston is unaccustomed to and hates black people who defy stereotypes and know their rights as human beings. Charleston government, retailers, and grocery store managers use law enforcement to regulate segregation not enforce law. If black people in Charleston were to dine out, play tennis, surf at the beaches, go to the theaters and art gallerieses, shop at upscale organic grocers, and own and operate local events and newspapers such CCP, then Charleston would find a way to (and already does find ways to) segregate black people from those so called "white Charleston activities". Black people in Charleston weave sweet grass baskets because that is what Charleston segregates them to do. Charleston mandates that black people stay in their place as a silent beholden underclass. A commenter on this thread wrote "I grew up in West Ashley where blacks and whites lived side by side and went to school together. I remember as a child I didn't have enough money to buy something and a white man paid the difference. I've met many kind,caring and friendly white people". Well, segregation in schools is in fact illegal, a person can be racist and still give spare change to a needy black child, and it is humane, not remarkable, for human beings no matter what color they are to be kind and friendly people.

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Posted by Lynn Jean on January 5, 2017 at 6:34 AM

Re: “The tragic but undeniable truth about Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots

You really have no clue. Weiland's vocal diversity was defining, not a weakness. I saw them, in the beginning, athe the peak, and near the end. I saw Velvet Revolver. I have been to more than 150 shows & Scott Weiland was a tremendous artist and performer. Check the dates regarding the conception of STP's "Core" & Pearl Jam's "Ten". You shouldn't be paid to write this drivel. Also, by the time STP's #4 came out, even the critical community began to change their tone. Stone Temple Pilots were one in a billion. Had Scott Weiland been able to escape his demons, they would likely become Legends, much the way Led Zeppelin did. As is, they are one of the greatest rock bands to exist in the last four decades. Their music will continue to age well & gain continued appreciation. Those two Velvet Revolver albums were pretty phenomenal as well. Scott Weiland's "12 Bar Blues" is remarkable, and even the late follow up, "Happy in Galoshes" was solid though uneven.

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Posted by Steven Perry on December 20, 2016 at 11:07 PM

Re: “Slager defense to paint Walter Scott as drug-crazed psycho

"Slager used his Taser to directly stun Scott twice one in the side, once in the back.

In all, Slager pulled the Tasers trigger six times during a 67-second span that morning, data from the device indicated."

This is nonsense.

When a taser is fired two darts are launched from the cartridge, each trailing a wire. It doesn't matter how often you pull the trigger after that -- until another cartridge is loaded the weapon won't fire.

The video shows only two wires and one cartridge, one wire to a dart in Slager's chest are and one to near Slager's left shin. The cartridge goes bouncing behind Slager as Scott breaks free. There are no darts in Scott.

... oh, and Michael Slager OUGHT TO be found NOT guilty in the murder of Walter Scott. Slager ought to be found guilty of some level of manslaughter (per SCOTUS in Garner), but murder is an absurd overcharge.

Posted by Andy Phillips on December 13, 2016 at 6:03 AM
Posted by De Moted on November 14, 2016 at 1:17 PM

Re: “The tragic but undeniable truth about Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots

I completely disagree with you. While CORE definitely was a blend of the sounds of other bands, they really grew leaps and bounds peaking with tiny music...... Scott was great at reinventing himself and growing as a musician as successful rock icons tend to do. And what is truly great to me is how honest his voice is, he sings of many painful events in his life so openly and candidly and it speaks to me as it has to many others I am sure. I suggest you listen to his solo material like 12 bar blues and happy in glosses..... barbarella and missing Cleveland are 2 incredible songs!!

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Posted by De Moted on November 14, 2016 at 1:16 PM

Re: “It's time to bring back slavery

Slavery: bringing the poor and the rich together since God knows when

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Posted by Ben Van Trigt on November 2, 2016 at 3:21 PM

Re: “It's time to bring back slavery

Yeah I don't agree with the way you push to treat the slave, I wouldn't enforce slavery on anyone I would give them a choice to live with you and give your life for the land but as a world instead of separately pushing for rights that other lands have we all have the same rights and as a people look after the land and it's people, being hired out to the middle to higher class people making the world like downtown abbey without all the douches which is kinda what the world is coming to be like, no-one really acts like a douche in the movies anymore and if they do they should be wisely made fun of, in a gentle way so as not to break him and leave him without his spirit, fair but firm should be the way you take care of a slave and don't get him mixed up with a sexual being his rights are to be protected or you can't have one until you've spent time yourself as a slave about a year should be enough might learn a few things as a people with a law like that, I can see us evolving into a well established global society with slavery at the forefront...government owned slaves as well as #automateduber; the middle to higher class are gonna help the government get back on its feet

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Posted by Ben Van Trigt on November 2, 2016 at 3:14 PM

Re: “Wanna email Gov. Haley directly? Well, now you can:

I am very upset about a Kroger grocery store here in Murrells Inlet or Garden City is a 24 hour store and is staying open through the 24 hours. This store is in the evacuation
zone on Atlantic avenue and highway 17. How could this business be so selfish, these people have families also that they want to be with. We will start getting thrashes of the storm late tonight early tomorrow morning. The Police here are saying do not stay here if you can leave. Bi-Lo closed at 6pm and not opening again until Sunday Oct. 9th. We shop this store all the time and the associates are so kind many of them who have families. The mandatory evacuation was zone A anything east of highway 17. Well they are in zone A and definitely wear it will flood. I just wanted to let you know about this and I would really appreciate if you followed up on this, being that you were the one who named the zones that needed to evacuate. I would like a copy of your response so I can take it to the manager of the store who made this decision. Utterly selfish nothing is more important than family and being with them especially during a storm like Matthew Hurricane level 2 at this point in Gorgia and to continue at this level or get even higher possibly. I thank you for your consideration with this. Donna McCuiston Garden City BeachSC I stayed behind as I am on call for the hospital here which is an essential service.

Posted by Donna McCuiston on October 7, 2016 at 7:17 PM

Re: “The tragic but undeniable truth about Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots

Ur a moron bro, wondering how u get paid to do this..."suburban mischief"? Ugh, spare me ya hack...who u copying from or r u an original comedian

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Posted by Matt Warzel on September 1, 2016 at 9:46 PM

Re: “Tara Servatius leaves WTMA for Greenville's WORD

Sounds like some ignorant Charleston geechies have got their low country panties in a wad over Tara telling the truth....typical...isn't it. Never mind folks,Taras #1 on WORD FM in Greenville. Your lose.....OUR GAIN......DORKS.

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Posted by Jim Howard 1 on August 27, 2016 at 6:39 PM

Re: “It's time to bring back slavery

You know what? Slavery will never happen again. Let's just get that out of the way. No president or presidential wanna be will even touch that subject. Why? Because said candidate will be considered a complete and udder joke. Not just here in the United States, but in the eyes of the World. Next, those words that are on the statue of liberty hahaha. France might as well come back and take it back. Do you think the American people would actually let that B.S happen, no way. For every 1 racist , there are hundreds who oppose it. You think there's protest now. Nah pal, those are just parades compared to what will happen then. There's going to basically be bloodbaths in the streets. Next, who do you think would actually enforce that? The military or the Police, that's a non issue. The military already said that they would go against Trump ,and besides you really think that the U.S. armed forces will let anyone fuck with their soldiers and sailors and pilots, ha military coup. The United States will become a joke in the eyes of the World. The human rights commission will beall over this one. So for those who are too lazy or fat to do their own shit and want a slave to do it, get a fucking life. Oh and as far as the whole welfare thing, you are really dumb. First of all the foodstamp program is the single biggest consumer of the American farmer, do you think the food stamp program would even still be here if it was mainly blacks using it? According to the United States Department of Agriculture (the agency who runs the program) 2014 stats are as follows, 40.2 percent are white , 25.7 percent black , 10.3 percent hispanic ,2.1 percent asian , 1.2 percent native american. Those are the facts jack. Get over that.

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Posted by 404040mtn on August 10, 2016 at 1:38 PM

Re: “Even when it's time to grieve, a journalist often feels detached

This is why you're the best. So glad I stumbled on this before it slipped into the Google archive ether

Posted by Marco Escandolos on July 25, 2016 at 10:08 AM

Re: “Maurice Bessinger, BBQ baron and unrepentant racist, dies

Some of the people on here act just plain wreched. Are we to recognize the rights of one group and not another? The slanderous attacks on Maurice Bessinger are awful and unwarranted. He grew up poor and was raised in a diverse region of South Carolina. He worked his way up in life. He was a Korean War combat veteran. If any of these antagonist ever knew any truth, and read his autobiography "Defending my Heritage" they would easily see that Maurice loved black people, had many good experiences with them and that he had many good memories living in a state as diverse as this one. He also loved his heritage.

The bigger issue however is not whether Maurice was a racist which he surely was not as mentioned by this author and their liberal no-nothing following of ignorant people, but rather the fact that the Confederate flag's purpose of being an individual soldiers flag and a flag of freedom from oppressive government has been warped by curropt politicians for political gain, lobbyist, race baiter organizations like the NAACP. Or by other organizations such as the KKK and other hate groups.

Not one confederate flag ever flew over any slave ship, but the American Stars and Stripes we all love sure did, and for many years at that. Public education has warped our history and has in it's unrepentant vow to erase a piece of our national history. Lincoln was a kingdom builder and a bigot. He didn't care about blacks, he knew by freeing them, that other nations would not come to the aid of the south who would have surely wok had England, France or Spain got invilved.

Lincoln was intelligent, but that does not make him the golden cow the media makes him out to be. He stated that black people where only partial people which is absolutwly ludicrous. It can be said that Lincoln, or the Civil War freed the slaves. But ask yourself thsee kinds of questions if you have a mind to think independently from your public indoctrination.. How free to do you really feel today? How free will our children be tommorow? Did you know that today our "freedoms" are almost non existent? Are we as free as people in our country were back then?

No.. Lincoln and his war of Northern Aggression illegally invaded as constitutionally seperate south. He may have freed the slaves, but what did he do for them afterwards. The central bank, and central government have since enslaved us all.

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Posted by GodBlessAmericana on July 12, 2016 at 11:22 AM

Re: “The tragic but undeniable truth about Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots

Amazing to me that there was so much going on in rock in the 90's that one could even consider throwing away a band like STP. Wouldn't happen these days with the shit that now passes for music.

But you overplay your point about rip offs and sell outs. Bands plug into a style, that's why there is a musical style of each era. The bands are different, but there's a sameness too.

And to compare the onstage antics and appearance of an outrageous Scott Weiland to the reserved Eddie Vedder, based on a video, is just plain stupid. The two couldn't be more different.

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Posted by driver eight on July 6, 2016 at 3:41 PM

Re: “The tragic but undeniable truth about Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots

STP came out at a bad time. 1993-94 was the popular peak of Seattle-based heavier alternative music. Because of their timing, and because they weren't from the Seattle area but had a similar sound, they were doomed to be considered bandwagon hoppers. Had Core come out a year earlier, at the same time that Ten and Nevermind were released, they probably wouldn't have been insulted so much and would have been considered to be more original.

That being said, the Plush video was...bad. That video alone forever damned them into the grunge knock-off category. Had Scott not dyed his hair red like Kurt Cobain and acted very similar to Eddie Vedder during his performance in that video, the band may have actually escaped that fate. That was what really screwed them, far more than anything else. Beavis and Butthead made fun of the video saying "Eddie Vedder dyed his hair red".

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Posted by Adam McKay on July 6, 2016 at 2:17 PM

Re: “Even when it's time to grieve, a journalist often feels detached

Thank you for the column. I appreciate your acknowledgment of the intersection between the heartfelt and the deadline that the job entails.

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Posted by Pronghorn on July 6, 2016 at 8:39 AM

Re: “Even when it's time to grieve, a journalist often feels detached

As someone who has busted your balls on many, many occasions over the years, I have to tell you that I do enjoy reading CCP more often than not, and appreciate the work that you and your co-workers do. And I'm very sorry you've lost a member of your work family and that another is losing her battle.

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Posted by Jaxx on July 5, 2016 at 4:44 PM
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