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Re: “"Black Cloth," a poem

Thank You

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Posted by Susan Faust on June 26, 2015 at 11:02 AM

Re: “The Itinerant Literate is taking a mobile approach to bookselling

This is a great idea! I'm excited to see what the future holds for this mobile bookstore.

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Posted by J. Chapa on June 24, 2015 at 8:53 AM

Re: “Marcus Amaker's latest poetry book is an app, too

Why does this app want access to my calendar? I'm not available, ever.

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Posted by mat catastrophe on June 20, 2015 at 10:53 PM

Re: “The new web series The Girl from Carolina sends up rednecks and film noir

This is really totally tasteless. Its the upstates version of Southern Charm. I am def going to watch it. It appears to be sophomoric and idiotic, embracing all that I demand from my cinematic viewing.

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Posted by CIACulinaryKid on June 14, 2015 at 7:10 PM

Re: “The new web series The Girl from Carolina sends up rednecks and film noir

This is totally tasteless. Thanks City Paper for putting such a relevant story on the cover.

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Posted by mjmcdougle on June 11, 2015 at 11:19 AM

Re: “The haters may hate Southern Charm, but Thomas Ravenel has come out on top

Seriously, I think Whitney hates Kathryn so much because he had HIS heart set on being the next T-RAV. He doth protest to much.

Posted by cheezywriter on June 1, 2015 at 6:05 PM

Re: “Why is this man so angry?

This was a great article I love agp he makes me laugh on every video

Posted by Sara Shoemaker on May 19, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Re: “Hirona Matsuda and Alan Jackson skip the canvas with Wall Line

It was an awesome opening and is an incredible show. Kudos to Meghan Schaeffer as well as Josh Silverman of Jericho Advisors for bringing real contemporary art to Avondale in West Ashley. Oh btw, no where in the article does it mention where Jericho Arts is. 815 Savannah Hwy #101, Charleston, SC 29407 - (843) 212-8482

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Posted by Geoffrey Michael Richardson on May 18, 2015 at 11:32 PM

Re: “Theater review: The Explorer's Club is a period comedy treat

Thanks, Nat. Apologies to Bronson.

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Posted by TheRev on May 2, 2015 at 12:48 PM

Re: “Theater review: The Explorer's Club is a period comedy treat

Thak you, Kristin Barner, for the wonderful review! Just one little thing: the actor playing Beebe (the monk) is Bronson Taylor.

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Posted by natj on May 2, 2015 at 10:14 AM

Re: “Black Like Me puts African-American artists in the spotlight

This show is an example of how ready our community is for relevance combined with artistry. The Charleston area IS growing up and simply spreading the word of these efforts, supporting them with our presence and creating an urgency for acceptance of youthful interpretations will make the needed difference in all our lives.
Millicent E. Brown

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Posted by millicent.brown.35 on April 30, 2015 at 11:43 AM

Re: “Mt. Pleasant's Babs Tarr joins the Bat Family and helps give Batgirl a much-needed Veronica Mars makeover

I was fortunate to see a screening of "She Makes Comics" by Park Circle Film Society and she exemplifies what they were talking about in the documentary. More and more women are coming back into comics and that is a great thing. The differing perspectives are pushing comics away from the fanboy anatomically impossible characters to real characters and much richer story lines. It is great to see this happening in the medium and when I put on my comic book shows I have noticed a big and refreshing change in the attendees from a dozen years ago when it was just a boys club.

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Posted by JustJerry on April 22, 2015 at 9:45 AM

Re: “Why is this man so angry?

I really like it

Posted by Timothy Tucker on April 22, 2015 at 4:22 AM

Re: “We found the city's best kept secret — and we're telling

a little digging reveals the way to 'reserve your ticket' is to visit on Monday, where tickets are available beginning at 10 am.

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Posted by whoifnoti on April 16, 2015 at 8:38 AM

Re: “We found the city's best kept secret — and we're telling

Nice work, Sophie!

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Posted by ETimmonsP on April 15, 2015 at 8:35 AM

Re: “Video: How to Make a Palmetto Rose

Why is the video private? I would like to watch it! Thanks!

Posted by Lindsay Caroline Smith on April 11, 2015 at 10:22 PM

Re: “Charleston Stage pays homage to feminist and abolitionist Sojourner Truth

The New York Years of Sojournertruth. Interesting facts for research, study, and debate.
The intention of this informed choices guide is to present some of the facts on the life of Sojournertruth while she was living in and around the New York area. This guide is designed to promote investigation and debate between student’s in college and university. After pondering Sojournertruth’s endured experiences the student may, if so desired, use this information within their end of term exam paper. The quotations used are presented from the series of books entitled The Clash of the Prophets. The author Mr M Wilkins gives full and unrestricted permission for any part of this guide to be used for non-commercial purposes. Students may use any of the quotations and information as presented within the book entitled ‘Clash of the Prophets the Beginning.’ The author Mr M Wilkins confirms that he is the copyright holder of the book. Additional information regarding Sojournertruth and her trials and tribulations within the Zion or New Jerusalem which Prophet Matthias was attempting to establish, can be found in the introductory web site at:
A second student’s web site can also be found at: www.prophetmatthiasjosephsmithsojourneroft…
Please remember all newspaper and historical documents are presented in their original format in bold and blue print, with no corrections for spelling or grammar.
All sections presented for consideration are presented inside black outlined text boxes.

Topic one: The name of Sojournertruth.
Within Chapter Four we read: 3. The executing Angel: As father and executing angel Matthias believed that he had the ‘true spirit’ which would guide him in all aspects of his life. With this true spirit guidance Matthias was determined to enforce his will on his followers regardless of their ideas or opinions on any subject! Having this true spirit became vital in the eyes of Matthias as he would instruct his followers in all things. If they followed his instructions then they also had the true spirit, however if they did not, they were, according to Matthias then in possession of evil spirits. Once in possession of evil spirits, Matthias and his followers, considered such persons as being ‘lost creatures.’ Matthias felt that he was personally able to cast out any and all ‘evil spirits.’ Apparently he would become annoyed, controlling, and violent if he felt evil spirits had entered into any of his followers! Matthias preached the idea of evil spirits entering into the bodies of all mortals here upon earth. He continually preached ‘All diseases were termed devils.’ For example ‘A blind man was possessed by a blind devil, a lame one by a limping devil, and so on; those who were afflicted with deafness, toothache, headache, he professed to have the power to cast out.’ Isabella Van Wagener (Sojournertruth) informs us. ‘Our family was remarkably preserved from sickness during his stay with us, it was no doubt owing principally to the healthy atmosphere in which we lived for the last fifteen or eighteen months, the use of warm and cold baths, and a strict attention to diet, under the instruction of Dr P……, one of the finest physicians of New York City’ (Ref; C164) Matthias believed that he could give any person possessed of an ‘evil spirit’ a better spirit. To this end Matthias would preach for hours at a time. Perhaps this prolonged period of preaching was Matthias’ way of attempting to give as he saw it ‘the True Spirit’ to his believers!

Within Chapter twenty one we read:
Isabella Van Wagener had in the opinion of this writer a general talent for observation; she was as we may say today a people watcher. The ability to both see and recall her observations has resulted in information which cannot be denied as she continually provides her first hand recollections of events. Indeed many of her recollections and interviews have been provided in order to clarify what she considered to be miss information by other interested persons as famously penned by Mr Stone in 1835 within the book entitled The Progress of Fanaticism. Later on in her life she re-named herself ‘Sojournertruth’ which is a fine example of her intentions to speak the truth in all things as far as she is able.
The name of Sojournertruth is what may be called a progressive name as it has developed over time. When Isabella Van Wagener left New York City on the 1st June 1843 she informed Mrs Whiting who had been her employer and Landlady that she was changing her name to “SOJOURNER.” Mrs Whiting then enquired 'What are you going east for?' To which Isabella responded by saying: 'The Spirit calls me there, and I must go.' (Ref: S)
Isabella as dictated by herself within The Narrative of Sojourner Truth (ca.1797-1883) which was then edited by Olive Gilbert; with the Appendix by Theodore D. Weld. Boston: (Ref: S) makes her position perfectly clear when she informs us that her new self-given name was to be “SOJOURNER.” In time and between the years of 1843 and 1850 the evidence, both direct and indirect, confirms the evolution of Isabella’s name from “SOJOURNER” into “SOJOURNER TRUTH.” The name of “Sojourner truth” was penned by Mr Oliver Gilbert in 1850. When Gilbert penned this name he placed a space between the “SOJOURNER” and the “TRUTH.”
In time the name once again evolved and the accepted name for Isabella is now established within the hearts and minds of humanity as ‘SOJOURNERTRUTH.’ The name of ‘SOJOURNERTRUTH’ is recognised worldwide as a symbol of justice and freedom for all, regardless of nationality, gender, or religion!

Point of study or debate:
1. Prophet Matthias called himself the spirit of truth. Could it be possible or even probable that Isabella Baumfree changed her name to SOJOURNERTRUTH due in part to the influence and time that she spent with Prophet Matthias?
2. According to evidence from Isabella while she was talking with Mrs Whiting at Cannel Street, New York, the name which Isabella called herself at the time of leaving New York was SOJOURNER. Could it be possible or even probable that the full name of SOJOURNERTRUTH was and is a progressive name which developed over a period of a time from 1844 to 1850?

Topic Two: Sojournertruth deep Christian love and compassion. Within chapter five we read:
After staying for almost a week at the town house, Ann set off in their private carriage returning to Mount Zion. As Ann the sole occupant of this carriage approaches Mount Zion, the children, Isabella Van Wagener and the servants assemble themselves in the main hall to welcome her. Normally Ann would embrace the children in the hall way, give them each a kiss and tell them that she loved and missed them. On this occasion she removed herself from the carriage, rushed across the pathway and up the steps into the hall where her children and servants had been lined up to welcome her back home. To the great surprise and disappointment of the Folger children Ann rushed passed them and ran into the arms of Matthias who was standing removed from the welcoming reception in the north wing doorway. Together they entered the room, locked the door behind them, and enjoyed each other’s company for almost an hour. (Ref H; 70) The following Saturday Ann instructs Isabella Van Wagener (Sojournertruth) to ‘set the house in order’ along with preparing the West Room to her specific requirements. The West room was the Folger master bedroom, Isabella was instructed to put new fancy bed clothes into the West Bedroom. Ann seemed very happy and excited as she informed Isabella that she had something that she wanted to tell her later!

After very disturbing developments involving the Folger and Pierson families Sojournertruth once again shows her Christian concerns.
Towards the end of Chapter five we read:
It’s hard to imagine what Benjamin is thinking, however he seems to be acting upon emotion and impulse rather than logic and common sense! Feeling rejected and desperate Benjamin reaches out for Ann in what appears to be a last ditch attempt to show his love and continued adoration towards her. Unfortunately his attempt to hold Ann once again in his arms is rebutted with energetic force as Ann pushes Benjamin away from her. He is a defeated and rejected man, as he sinks into the chair within his own hallway. Sitting in the chair Benjamin became the focus of attention for Isabella Van Wagener. According to Isabella’s recollection of events she was full of ‘pity, surprise, and sympathy’ towards Benjamin and the situation that he now found himself in. Isabella was annoyed at the sternness with which Ann treated and spoke to Benjamin, she records her thoughts. ‘My God when I saw the manner he (Benjamin) was treated, my anger rose, and when I saw him laying on the chair, I thought he looked like a dog with his tail singed, or one drawn through a gutter; and I could not help but pity him’ (Ref; N;72) A short time later we find Ann and Matthias sleeping together in the West bedroom, with Benjamin on his own in the room which was previously used by Matthias! In the morning we find Matthias and Ann walking into the breakfast room, they are smiling happy and relaxed; on the other hand we have according to Isabella Van Wagener a very different Benjamin in the same breakfast room. Benjamin looks rejected and depressed he is, in the eyes of Isabella, ‘treated with neglect’ resulting in his ‘spirit and appearance’ being affected in a negative way.

Point of study or debate: 3. Why do you think Sojournertruth was concerned with Benjamin’s appearance? Is she starting to lose her faith in Matthias as Father of the house and Ann as Mother of the house; or is this simply the actions of Christian humanity expressed by Sojournertruth towards a fellow human being?
4. Why do you think that Sojournertruth stayed loyal to Matthias and Ann, the Father and Mother of the house? Was it deep Christian love and compassion or was it fear and trembling which kept Sojournertruth living and working within the Zion or New Jerusalem which Matthias was attempting to build?

Topic Three: Sojournertruth; coffee, gold and silver.
Within chapter 37 we read: Awakening the following morning, the divisions between this unhappy household is visually apparent. We find Ann, Benjamin, Catherine, and the Folger children, enjoying breakfast in the parlour. Interestingly Matthias, Isabella Van Wagener, (Sojournertruth) and the two sons of Matthias are downstairs in the kitchen. Before breakfast commenced Ann and Catherine had a most unusual conversation as they started to reflect on the events of the previous twenty four hours. This information was forthcoming after the proceedings at White Plains, it is written in hindsight, and to all intents and purposes appears to be completely correct, as both encampments report the same events in alarming detail and clarity, most of which dovetail together extremely well! We read; ‘Mrs Folger then remembered the children's complaint about the coffee, and Matthias not eating when they did. In consequence of this, she told Catherine in the morning to get breakfast separately for us; to be sure they washed everything to be used, and not to use any of the provisions then in the house.’ The words and actions of Ann at this stage are alarming they are also quite damning, Ann with her words has in a very real way judged, and condemned Matthias and Isabella! In her mind they are guilty of bringing some kind of curse upon the family, or could it be something more earthly that Ann is thinking about? As the conversation continues in innuendo, speculation, and annoyance ‘Catherine then mentioned to Mrs Folger, that she had observed the coffee was bad the morning before, had a strange taste, and had something white in it.’ Continuing with the story Catherine then said that she had talked to Isabella about the coffee ‘who had replied, that she could not expect to have good coffee, or any blessing, while her Father was offended.’ (Ref; H100) Reflecting on Isabella’s words the careful reader may at this point find continuity as she has within this simple sentence confirmed her understanding of the coffee situation. Isabella or Sojournertruth truly believes the coffee is bad because of some kind of heavenly spiritual intervention.
The words of Isabella are confirmed with the statements from the Folger version of the coffee story; however their reasoning behind the words is completely different, as the Folgers with their statements are attempting to portion blame upon Isabella regarding the bad coffee. With the very same words Isabella at this juncture in time, is attempting to show her belief and faith in Matthias. She is inferring some kind of spiritual intervention on behalf of Matthias, and the blessings which will be withheld if the Folgers continue with their planned course of action, by instructing Matthias to leave the home at 8 Third Street New York.
In the additional notes from Isabella’s version of events we are also told that she ‘Isabella had observed, that the curse of God was on that house.’ With spiritual blessings nowhere in sight, is it any wonder that misery is the pending outcome for the remaining members of this fallen Zion!
As the dramatic final few hours together continues to spin out of control, we then read towards the end of chapter 37 the following.
Either by a stroke of luck or perhaps the principal of the devil looking after his own, Matthias has out manoeuvred Benjamin yet again; he has returned the $25.00 back to Isabella (Sojournertruth) after she refused to accept part of the gold and silver directly from Benjamin! Matthias is now holding all the gold and silver from Benjamin, he is either determined to move forward with the revised original plan to find a farmhouse, or he is completely on his own, on the run from the Folgers, Isabella, Catherine and just about every other person that has become acquainted with his name!
In one report we read; ‘It was very well that Isabella did not take charge of this gold, for no sooner was Matthias and Isabella gone, than Mr Folger raised reports, not only of her having poisoned his family, but excited suspicion that he had been robbed’ (Ref; H95) With the law enforcement officers on his trail, the charges against Matthias are serious as he along with Isabella must answer to the pending allegations. These charges are stoked and fuelled into newspaper frenzy due to the investigations into the mysterious death of the late Mr Pierson only weeks previous! On top of this they also are accused of stealing gold and silver from the Folgers. In the American Advocate dated Wednesday October 8th 1834 we read; ‘The express charge against him was, that he had left New York having in his possession a large amount of Mr Folgers property; but he has been guilty, it is asserted of many other mal-practices, some of them of the blackest character, and worthy of the most severe punishment.’ (Ref; 254)

Point of study or debate:
5. Regarding the coffee served to all the Folger family prior to the final day together. Why is it important to consider all the events surrounding this coffee story? Do you think it could it be possible to prove either the innocence or the guilt around the claimed poisoning of the Folger family by examining all the known recorded facts? Why do you think Sojournertruth considered and observed that the curse of God was on that house?’
6. Why do you think that Benjamin Folger recanted and wanted to drop all the charges against Sojournertruth and Matthias? (This appears to be a simple answer however for a full understanding and explanation several chapters towards the end of the book will help students and carful readers contemplate and evaluate all the available evidence!

Topic Four: Sojournertruth and her version of the truth.
Within chapter 41 we read. The result of Ann’s jealousy is the dismissal of Catherine from the Folger home as her services are surplus to requirements! Within the narrative of Isabella we are told; ‘This jealousy was shown within a few weeks after the breaking up of the kingdom, and did not diminish.’ Once Ann had removed Catherine from the Folger home the situation for Catherine became devastating as she ‘and her children became in want.’ (Ref: N115) Being rejected by the Folgers Catherine once again renews her loyalties with Matthias and Sojournertruth who at this time was living comfortably with Mrs Whiting in Canal Street, New York. As the friendship is renewed Sojournertruth attempts to help Catherine, she gives her cash funds along with introducing Catherine to Mr Western who is the defence attorney for Matthias. Together Matthias, Sojournertruth, Catherine and Margaret are standing shoulder to shoulder attempting to tell their version of the truth. They are at a most considerable disadvantage due to lack of finances, standing within the community and support from the newspapers. In many ways they are persecuted and condemned by public’s awareness of perceived negativity against them as perpetrated by the rich and powerful members of New York Society. Catherine was interviewed more than once by Mr Western whereupon she continually confirmed her version of events which backed up the testimony of Sojournertruth. Together they are attempting to stand strong against overwhelming odds. While Catherine communicated with Mr Western she informed him of her involvement with Benjamin, the response from Western was ‘that he is satisfied of the truth of Isabella's narrative, and she (Catherine) only confirmed it. (Ref N116)
Catherine also informed Sojournertruth of shocking actions which Ann Folger had been implementing against her and Matthias. On hearing of the actions of Ann Folger, Sojournertruth became angry as she disliked the idea of Mr Stone writing for the Folger encampment against her and Matthias!
From Sojournertruth’s view point we are told; ‘When Isabella was thus informed, that a formidable book was coming out against her and Matthias by Mrs Folger, ----she exclaimed, with much energy, (for she is really very energetic and not very timid,) I have got the truth and I know it and I will crush them with the truth. We have no doubt that Isabella was very angry on this occasion and perhaps expressed some bitter wishes under such feelings.’
Point of study or debate:
7. The often quoted famous words of Sojournertruth are extremely important, she said; “I have got the truth and I know it and I will crush them with the truth.” Why is it vitally important to understand the full context and history of this famous quotation? Could this quotation be misunderstood or misused in ignorance and planned design?
8. Why is it important to understand the reasons behind Ann and Benjamin Folger dissent towards Isabella (Sojournertruth) and Prophet Matthias?

Topic Five: Sojournertruth her loyalty to the bitter end.
Within chapter 42 we read: After his visit with Mr Western, Matthias ‘went in search of Isabella, the black woman who is still a believer in his divine mission. They talked and prayed and mingled their tears together.’ After this happy re-union Matthias and Sojournertruth decide to visit with Margaret, the legal wife of Matthias. Arriving at their destination Margaret is not pleased to hear that Matthias wants to talk with her. We are informed via the Tarboro Press that; ‘Matthias then went to his wife and children. She would not receive him, she would not live with him, she utterly refused to have anything to do with him. Matthias bore it patiently, after which he stretched out his left hand put it on the head of one of his boys and ejaculated a blessing.’(Ref: 310) With his legal wife Margaret and his remaining two sons James and John distancing themselves from Matthias we must now examine the position from their point of view! Margaret said; ‘he came to see me on the 18th inst, in company with the coloured woman Isabella. She first got out of the carriage, and came in and said to me, Father Matthias is out here, prepare yourself to receive him and receive him joyfully.’ In her attempt to convey her position Margaret then informs Sojournertruth; ‘I should not submit to him to be beaten as he used to do.’

After a verbal exchange of opinions Margaret and Sojournertruth take their leave of each other. Further on in this chapter we read.
After hearing these words Matthias turned his back on Margaret for the last time. They would never talk or see each other again, it was over, the love had died, and Margaret not Matthias was in the driving seat. She had the power, the strength and the ability to stand her ground against what has been for most of her time with Matthias a domineering, narcissistic relationship. In Margaret’s opinion ‘there is no alteration apparently and his countenance and his eyes have the same expressions of insanity.’ (Ref mw 41) The communication between Matthias and Margaret did not last for more than a few moments and Sojournertruth was present during its duration. Almost as if she desired more communication Margaret wrote down in her written statement that she might have had more conversation with Matthias if Sojournertruth was not with him! This has been a monumental day for Matthias; he has been received with kindness by Sojournertruth and Mr Western. His own family has also extended kindness towards him; however Margaret has taken control and rejected Matthias completely and utterly. He must leave and walk once again the path which he has chosen, the only question now must be will others also receive him with the same kindness which he has on his first day of freedom experienced? One sentence in the Tabboro Press points us in the direction which Matthias then travelled as we read; ‘Finishing this scene he took up departure to Newark, to see his brother who lives there ‘(Ref; 310)

Point of study or debate:
9. Could it be possible that Sojournertruth is attempting to defend Matthias if so how and why do you think she attempted to undertake this course of action?
10. The actions and words of Sojournertruth towards Matthias and all participating members of the Zion or new Jerusalem which together they were attempting to establish is presented within the series of books entitled Clash of the Prophets. Why do you think it is vitally important to understand all the facts as presented from different viewpoints? Is it possible that the full truth can in reality set us fully free from miss information, dogma, and ignorance?
The name of Sojournertruth stands as a beacon of liberty and freedom of speech. The full emotional true story of Sojournertruth and her time in and around New York is presented unrestricted for your consideration, debate, and study within Clash of the Prophets. The book is available in hard back / paper back / student magazine or electronic versions from this web site:

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Posted by Michael Wilkins on April 4, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Re: “Local craftspeople have an ally in Workshop

This is a great venue for crafters and artisans. We know the importance of exposing such talents to people, giving them a choice for original and unique work.

Dawn McBride
Indigo East Gallery

Posted by Brian Dawn McBride on March 24, 2015 at 12:21 PM

Re: “Local craftspeople have an ally in Workshop

Went by & saw the most fabulous pieces, both old parts & "bones" and new pieces made from architectural salvage. I am so excited for this business!! Best of luck with growing & providing a marketplace for creative artisans, craftspeople & trades.

Posted by Singnkitty on March 23, 2015 at 3:50 PM

Re: “Chicago transplants start experimental sketch comedy show

How/why did the writer leave out that Henry is actually a Charleston native and went to CofC? Oh well, it doesn't matter. They were so hilarious!

1 of 1 people like this.
Posted by Tyler D on March 21, 2015 at 4:46 PM
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