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Re: “Stegelin: What do you have to lose?

Did you even do any minor research into the numbers Mr Trump used in the speech that your basing this cartoon on? Facts should matter.
What is the unemployment rate of African Americans since The current President took office? Has it improved?
What is the unemployment rate of African American Teenagers since The current President took office?

Dont believe the hype...The Clintons only represent one group. Themselves.

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Posted by artrogue on August 24, 2016 at 3:44 PM

Re: “Stegelin: What do you have to lose?

why would you believe that? I think TRUMP probably changed some A.M. minds considering all he did was tell the truth.nearly all of the large metropolitan cities controlled by the progs/dems. have been a cesspool of violence,crime, broken families and the black/minority culture is the one most effected since they are the majority of the population" living 'on the socialist/progs/dems. plantation".THE GREAT SOCIETY the brain child of LBJ. really started the entitlement mentially of the black society. prior to that time the black family was much more whole . the dems/progs/socialist will do whatever it takes to keep their BLACK VOTE locked down to insure a nice big fat voting block. keep them fat, happy and stupid buy that vote. BOSS TWEET WOULD BE REEEEALL PROUD.

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Posted by John Byram on August 24, 2016 at 1:20 PM

Re: “Stegelin: What do you have to lose?

It's gonna be a landslide in November. Dems will take back the Senate for sure, and maybe even the House.

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Posted by Patrick Brady on August 24, 2016 at 9:47 AM

Re: “Stegelin: Bias all the way down

Trump "cusses" Gold Star families, American prisoners of war, American Generals, foreign heads of state a President has to work with, reminds 2A wackos they have violent remedies to stop Clinton (like is still alleged for Obama even after 7+ years in office) from 'taking away' their guns, legal and illegal Mexicans, Muslims, Black's who want to stop being hunted down and shot or jailed like animals, the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, encourages followers to violence and claims he'd like to "punch' dissenters at his rallies and speakers at the Democratic Nat'l Convention 'in the face", lies about Ted Cruz and his dad (the Kennedy Killer!), the Supreme Court, a respected American judge who happens to be of Hispanic descent, 50 former National Intelligence leaders, calls the Electoral System rigged, screws thousands of small and medium sized businesses out of $millions declaring bankruptcy 4 times while making $millions in profits, hires illegals to work his casinos, lies constantly, lies constantly, lies constantly, still accuses Obama of not being a US citizen (Birther, ha ha ha!) and a Muslim, dismisses the Speaker of his own Party and any GOP Senator and Congressperson who can't support his racism and misogyny, praises 2 tyrannical foreign Dictators who jail and execute dissenters, thinks women serve the nation best while on their knees making men happy, invites a foreign government to hack the computers of the leading Presidential candidates opposition Party, doesn't know Russia INVADED Crimea ... and the list goes on, BUT ...

The Clinton's stole furniture so Hillary is unfit for office!

HRC has been accused and investigated how many times (20, 30, 40?) and never been charged with any crimes. But yea, accusations prove beyond a doubt Hillary is a liar. I bet your wife cheats on you, so she must be a tramp, right? Or is that a Trump?

P.S. The House committee on government reform, led by Republican congressman Dan Burton, issued a report in 2002 that elucidated the many faults with the record-keeping processes for gifts and recommended reforms – and two items the Clintons turned in were actually returned to them in the end.

P.P.S. How many multi-million dollar GOP witch hunts, conspiracy theories, and false accusations will it take before Cheeto releases his tax returns? Yea, the rules don't apply to Cheeto. Cheeto Jesus come to save yo ass, Bro, so he gets a pass!

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Posted by Bobby Sadin on August 11, 2016 at 7:21 PM

Re: “Stegelin: Bias all the way down

Trump cusses when he stubs his toe, and its all over the media. Meanwhile:

Wikileaks states that the DNC staffer mysteriously killed was the leak who released the emails saying they sabotaged Sanders. Very little coverage.

More emails that Hillary says never existed, released. Very little coverage.

Father of the Orlando killer seen at Hillary conference. Very little coverage.

Have we all forgotten 'Travelgate', 'Sniper fire in Bosnia', 'White house theft of $190,000', 'Whitewater scandal', 'Clinton Foundation Scandal', and the 'Tyson foods scandal'? Yeah, very little coverage.

But , no bias, I'm sure of it.

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Posted by Jshicke on August 11, 2016 at 3:33 PM
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