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Introducing the City Paper News Quiz - Aug. 20-26, 2016

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Posted by Sam Spence on Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 4:12 PM

Go ahead and admit it, you spend most of your day clicking around the City Paper website, dutifully logging each new piece of information you read. No? OK, well you definitely spend plenty of time reading and keeping up with what's going on in our lovely city, right? If only to keep up with that annoying coworker in the corner who seems to know everything before you...

Well, to help you stay sharp with all your #Chs news, we're rolling out the brand new weekly City Paper News Quiz. Each week around this time, expect to see a few questions compiled by our team to see how well you kept up with the funny papers that week.

Without further ado, here's this week's quiz. (See the links below for the sources for each question.)

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The Agenda: Big spending by appointed MUSC board; Milo coming to Clemson; Chemicals seized in Chs. port

Thousands spent at high-end hotels and restaurants by MUSC Board

Posted by Sam Spence on Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 11:58 AM

  • The Digitel

The Post and Courier has a new investigative report out today that documents hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on luxury hotels and meals at high-end Charleston restaurants by the appointed members of the MUSC Board of Trustees. Reporters Doug Pardue and Lauren Sausser may have also uncovered an off-the-books meeting that isn't documented in the group's minutes, but which cost the hospital thousands. Source: P&C

Boeing Co. says it will remain a key sponsor of the annual RBC Heritage pro golf tournament on Hilton Head through 2021. Source: AP

A conservative free speech group at Clemson announced this week that Breitbart News provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos will appear on campus a few weeks before the election in an event being called 'Make Clemson Great Again.' Yiannopoulos was recently banned from Twitter for life for frequently encouraging his legions of followers to harass other users. Soruce: Greenville News

Related: Dem nominee Hillary Clinton set her sights on Donald Trump in a speech yesterday for 'peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia' to the 'radical fringe' of the Republican Party. Clinton specifically called out the faction that's come to be known as the 'alt-Right,' a group that Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon says he courted as the leader of Breitbart News. Source: NYT, Vox, CNN

After being suspended earlier this week, Latta Police Chief Crystal Moore (who we profiled in 2014) revealed yesterday on Facebook that she's recently been diagnosed with Sarcoma, a soft tissue cancer, but did not directly address her suspension or whether it was connected to her health. Moore says her doctors are 'positive' about her chances at beating it. Source: Florence Morning News

Myrtle Beach Sun News reporters contacted the owner of a property where a truck is parked near an elementary school and displays a profane message on the side. Her comment: "None of your g*dd*mn mother f*cking business."

A whole bunch of chemical used to make methamphetamine was seized coming through the Port of Charleston in two 20-foot container boxes last week. Source: P&C

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham says he wants a special prosecutor to be appointed to dig farther into Hillary Clinton's email scandal and make recommendations on how to handle it. The FBI and Department of Justice have both declined to press charges.

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Early morning shooting on Coming Street

Downtown streets reopened

Posted by Dustin Waters on Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 10:16 AM

  • Charleston Police Department
Coming Street has been reopened following an early morning shooting in downtown Charleston.

According to an incident report from the Charleston Police Department, officers were dispatched to Coming Street around 6:34 a.m. Friday morning in reference to a man who stated he had been shot. After searching several locations, officers were told by a woman that her boyfriend had been shot and was waiting upstairs in a nearby residence.

Officers observed blood on the porch railing and bricks next to the front door of the building, and found the victim with two apparent gunshot wounds on his right and left upper thighs, according to the report. He was soon rushed to MUSC for medical attention.

A female witness later told police that she was speaking with the victim when he was approached by an armed suspect who demanded that the victim empty his pockets, the report states. The woman further stated that the victim began to walk from the suspect, saying, “You really gonna shoot me?” As the two men continued to walk south on Coming Street, the woman said she continued to hide in a vehicle until she heard two gunshots and saw the suspect flee. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Agenda: ACT shows 14% college readiness; Graham warming to Trump; Haley campaigning for NC's McCrory

Dems float name change for J-J Dinner

Posted by Sam Spence on Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 11:14 AM

  • Flickr user jenumfamily

With more good jobs available elsewhere, a shortage of prison guards means more lockdowns in S.C. facilities, says the head of the state's correctional system. Source: G'ville News

After a new state mandate led to an influx in the number of S.C. high school students taking the ACT assessment, leading to a 'precipitous' drop in scores across the state. As a whole, just 14 percent of S.C. students met the test's "college readiness" standard. Source: Anderson Independent Mail, G'ville News, P&C

Gov. Nikki Haley is in North Carolina today in support of Gov. Pat McCrory, who is in a tight re-election fight stemming from the state's nullification of a Charlotte nondiscrimination law by passing a bill requiring bathroom use based on biological sex at birth. Source: AP

After saying Trump was in a 'death spiral' last week, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks the GOP candidate is doing better in the last week, saying "I like what I see." Graham says that if Trump can overcome temperament and judgement issues, he could win in November. Source: WIS, P&C

State Democratic officials are floating a name change for their annual 'Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner' which does not include the names of two slaveholding early-American presidents. Source: The State

$19 billion: The reported economic impact of the state's aerospace industry. Source: CRBR

Following FEMA recommendations, North Charleston says it may ask for a quarter-million dollars to spend in 462 'active shooter kits' for use by the city's police and fire departments which will allow for both firefighters and EMTs to enter shooting scenes along with police officers. Source: P&C

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Both sides to settle in Michael Slager’s lawsuit against police group

Dispute to be settled for undisclosed sum

Posted by Dustin Waters on Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 6:57 AM

  • Courtesy of Charleston County
  • Michael T. Slager
Both parties in the legal dispute between Michael Slager and the Southern States Police Benevolent Association are opting to settle for an undisclosed sum in the lawsuit brought about by the former North Charleston officer, according to recently filed court documents.

Slager, who is facing trial for the shooting death of Walter Scott, brought legal action against the police organization alleging that the group refused to pay for his court fees. As a paying member of the association, Slager’s attorneys in the case claimed that their client should have received legal defense benefits from the organization, which had been denied on the grounds that he “committed an intentional, deliberate and/or illegal act, either civilly or criminally” when Scott was killed.

“Michael Slager’s insurer, the Southern States Police Benevolent Association Inc. (PBA), had promised to provide him a legal defense in the event he was charged with a crime arising out of an officer-involved shooting and to do so with ‘no caps’ and ‘no limits.’ Even so, the PBA abandoned Officer Slager just four days after the shooting death of Walter Scott,” claimed Slager’s attorneys in a court document filed earlier this month. “It conducted no investigation of its own. It did not even await the results of the investigation being conducted by SLED, nor did it wait to see the video enhancement of the shooting which was being conducted by the FBI.”

Slager’s legal team went on to add, “Significantly, the FBI enhanced video shows that after resisting arrest and after wrestling with Officer Slager on the ground, Walter Scott grabbed Slager’s taser as the two men were face to face. It is at this moment that Officer Slager made the decision to use deadly force and to draw his firearm. Since Scott had gained control of his taser and faced Officer Slager, the decision was made to use deadly force as he had been trained to do consistent with Officer Slager’s training.”

The Southern States Police Benevolent Association also faces a class action suit filed against the organization in August, calling on the group’s 42,000 members across nine different states, as well as past members, to demand compensation for damages related to membership dues paid to ensure financial assistance in the event of a legal dispute.

“We are vigorously defending our association against these claims,” association president Chris Skinner said in a response to the suit. “We look forward to continuing to provide legal service to our members now and in the future.”

In this weeks court filing regarding the pending settlement between Slager and the police group, the former officer’s attorneys requested that the case be put on pause until the deal is finalized. Looking ahead, Slager’s state trial stemming from charges related to the death of Walter Scott is set to begin Oct. 31. Slager also faces federal charges for this incident, but a trial date has yet to be set. A pretrial conference in that case is scheduled for Aug. 30 in downtown Charleston.

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